Firmissima d.o.o. is a company dedicated to the highest quality in painting of vessels. Our trademark Friendship will continue to be used into future with our slogan “Zdravila za plovila”.

We are a young and ambitious team with several years of experience in ship maintenance.
We have successfully concluded more than 150 projects. The team is highly reliable, motivated and eager for new challenges.

Our Project Realizer is one of those people who has never doubted about his choice of profession. He enjoys his work and wishes to excel in it. He accepts every challenge, from fixing small faults in the paintjob to complete vessel renovation.

We are especially proud of our quality and quickness of our services.

As we have mobile workshop with machinery, tools and materials, we are able to offer our services away from our premises.

We have access to materials, tools and instruments from leading manufacturers by many distributors.

In our paint mix area / room / booth we can prepare acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy or nitro based paint of any colour or any shade

We have been trusted by: Jahtni center Izola, Seaway, Mobitel, Tehnol, 16+, Ts Yachting, Dobro jutro, A-mar...
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